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Scenic Overlooks

These are the spots that will take your breath away. These are the places with views so good, they almost don't seem real.

Wigington Overlook

Deep in the hills of Oconee County, this overlook provides a gorgeous view of the South Carolina blue ridge and Lake Jocassee. To get out and enjoy the sweeping views of this overlook, keep your eyes peeled for a large pull-off on the side of the road. There is plenty of room to park and walk around. This is a great spot to bring a blanket and some lunch for a picnic with views that can’t be beat!

GPS Coordinates:

35.001942, -83.043658

Wigington Overlook.CR2

Glassy Mountain

Slightly East/Northeast of downtown Pickens, the top of Glassy Mountain provides exquisite views of the Blue Wall, or Blue Ridge Escarpment. There is a short trail that goes from the summit of the mountain down to the rock face below, which is where the panoramic views can be seen. Be sure to exercise caution while on the rock face!

GPS Coordinates:

34.901888, -82.659038

Glassy Mountain.jpg

Jumping Off Rock

If you’ve never been to the Jumping Off Rock overlook, you’re in for a treat. This overlook is nestled in the Jocassee Gorges and has a beautiful view of Lake Jocassee sparkling next to the mountains of South Carolina. This overlook is a little tricky to get to, as it involves a trek through the gorges on a gravel road called Horse Pasture Road, so we recommend taking a vehicle that can go off-roading!

GPS Coordinates:

35.011515, -82.895627

Jocassee Gorges Jumping Off Rock.JPG

Bad Creek Hydro Overlook

This overlook has more breathtaking views of the South Carolina blue ridge and the gorgeous Lake Jocassee. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, the trailhead to Lower Whitewater Falls is also nearby. Although this overlook is stunning year-round, it is particularly breathtaking in the Fall when the mountains are painted in bright shades of orange and red.

GPS Coordinates:

35.000734, -83.000310

Photo courtesy of Visit Oconee South Carolina Website


Sassafras Mountain

The highest point in South Carolina has recently gotten a beautiful new observation tower. Sassafras Mountain has beautiful views of South Carolina, North Carolina, and on a clear day you can see the mountains of Georgia. The observation tower offers 360 degree views, so this overlook is a must-do when you’re in the upstate of South Carolina.

GPS Coordinates:

35.065585, -82.774812

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