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Scenic Drives

Lake Hartwell Country's landscape is graced with winding country roads that offer some incredible scenic views. Take a half or full day to explore these highways that twist and turn through the mountains and rolling green pastures of our region.

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Scenic Highway 11

Also called The Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, this route offers the perfect alternative to the crowded Interstate 85. It is named for the ancestral home of the Cherokee Nation.

Along the way, you'll see stunning views of Table Rock Mountain and pass several great spots to stop for a craft beer, glass of wine, or delicious meal.

Highway 28

Highway 28 weaves its way from the sprawling farmland of Anderson County through the mountains of Oconee County. There are several opportunities along the way to see a waterfall or explore one of the small towns of Lake Hartwell Country.

This road is an excellent alternative to Interstate 26 if you are heading north to the Great Smoky Mountains or south towards Augusta, GA.

Highway 76

Highway 76 changes its personality as it curves through Lake Hartwell Country. On the southern end, 76 leads travelers through the vibrant charm of downtown Anderson. As you travel north, the landscape becomes scenic and mountainous as it traverses through Westminster and Long Creek.

This highway is a nice way to head to the mountains of North Carolina or down to Columbia, SC.

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Highway 178

Highway 178, also called "The Mountain Highway" in Pickens County, lives up to its nickname. This route curves and twists through the mountains of South Carolina, passing by the Jocassee Gorges. There are opportunities along the way to stop for a hike, take a side trip to Sassafras Mountain, or explore the small towns of Liberty and Pickens. 

This route is a great alternative for those traveling north to Asheville, NC or south to Columbia, SC.

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