Tall and majestic, powerful and primitive. There are so many waterfalls to discover in Lake Hartwell Country, South Carolina. Use the information and map below to find trail lengths, addresses, and GPS coordinates to the waterfalls in our region.

Brasstown Falls Series

Trail length: 0.3 miles one way​


GPS Coordinates: N 34.71908 W -83.30158

This waterfall series features three unique cascades. Use caution, as the trail is steep in many spots.

Chau Ram Falls

(Ramsey Creek Falls)

Can be viewed from vehicle

No trail required for access

GPS Coordinates: N 34.68171 W -83.14542

This falls is located in Chau Ram County park in Westminster, South Carolina and is open seasonally.

Cheohee Falls or

Miuka Falls

Trail length: 2.2 miles one way​


GPS Coordinates: N 34.94220 W -83.08975

This waterfall, located near Mountain Rest, South Carolina, is accessible through the Cherry Hill campground in the Sumter National Forest.

Twin Falls or

Eastatoe Falls

Trail length: 0.6 miles one way


GPS Coordinates: N 35.0098 W -82.8214


Located on South Carolina DNR property, this scenic falls is a great one to do with dogs or young children.

Eastatoe Narrows

Trail length: 2.5 miles one way​


GPS Coordinates: N 35.05034 W -82.81629

The Eastatoe Narrows trailhead can be found along Horsepasture Rd. in the Jocassee Gorges. 

Issaqueena Falls

Trail length: 300 ft. to overlook from parking log


GPS Coordinates: N 34.80740 W -83.12158

Popular with families, this waterfall is a good choice for those who want to make a quick stop or for persons with limited mobility.

King Creek Falls

Trail length: 0.7 miles one way​


GPS Coordinates: N 35.05034 W -82.81629

This spectacular falls stands at a towering 70 ft. tall and can be accessed via the Burrell's Ford campground in the Sumter National Forest. This falls can also be easily paired with Spoonauger Falls in the same day.

Lee Falls

Trail length: 1.5 miles one way


GPS Coordinates: N 34.89344 W -83.08131


This unique waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery, and the trail is filled with wild flowers in the Spring.

Long Creek Falls

Trail length: 1.7 miles one way​


GPS Coordinates: N 34.77767 W -83.31212

This waterfall, located in Long Creek, South Carolina, is perfect for a half-day hike.

Oconee Station Falls or Station Cove Falls

Trail length: 0.8 miles one way


GPS Coordinates: N 34.84867 W -83.07463


The trail to this beautiful falls is fairly level, so it's great for families with small children.

Opossum Creek Falls

Trail length: 2 miles one way​


GPS Coordinates: N 34.77332 W -83.30361

This waterfall, located in Long Creek, South Carolina, also features beautiful views of the Chattooga River.

Spoonauger Falls

Trail length: 0.25 miles one way


GPS Coordinates: N 34.97480 W -83.11478

Located near the Burrell's Ford campground in the Sumter National Forest, the trail to this falls is short, but can be tricky in spots. Use caution.

Waldrop Stone Falls

Trail length: 1 mile loop


GPS Coordinates: N 34.73913 W -82.82037

This 30-ft falls is located in the Clemson Experimental forest and is a nice trail for kids or smaller dogs. 

Yellow Branch Falls

Trail length: 1.5 miles one way​


GPS Coordinates: N 34.80557 W -83.12876

Located in Walhalla, South Carolina, this uniquely tiered falls is very popular with locals and visitors alike.