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Explore the Wild and Scenic Chattooga River

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Every outdoor enthusiast who has been to the Chattooga agrees: this river definitely lives up to its “Wild and Scenic” designation, which it received in 1974. The Chattooga flows from the mountains of North Carolina, through the Ellicott Rock Wilderness Area, and into the mountains of South Carolina and Georgia.

The Chattooga is one of the longest free flowing rivers left in the Southeast. This means that its connectivity and water flow is largely unaffected by humans. With a life of its own and an undeniable rush of pure, natural freedom, the Chattooga offers the chance for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for any explorer on the lookout for an experience that is truly wild.

The Chattooga River is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to experience a world-class whitewater adventure. Outdoor guides such as Wildwater Ltd can take you on a whitewater rafting tour down different sections of the Chattooga River, depending on the level of intensity you desire.

The cool, crisp waters of this incredible river are perfect for fly fishing. If exploration for you means solitude and the peaceful sounds of nature, then this is perfect for you. Cast a line and let your worries go with it. If you’re new to fly fishing, the Chattooga River Fly Shop and Southern Appalachian Outdoors can get you all the equipment you need, and they also offer guided tours.

If you need more than one day to take in the powerful beauty that is the Chattooga, we don’t blame you. Click here for more information on campsites in the area. If you prefer accommodations that are a little less rustic, then check out Chattooga Trails Bed and Barn and the lodging options at Wildwater Ltd.

Photo Courtesy of Wildwater Ltd

There’s something about the soul of the Chattooga River that calls to the outdoor adventurer with a thirst for something more than the average nature experience. Its wild nature sparks an incredible feeling of life into the forest that surrounds it. Let the crisp, renewing waters of the Chattooga River inspire you. Explore it today.

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