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Virtual Tours of the South Carolina Mountains

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Anyone in need of a virtual getaway? We've got you covered. While you're spending time at home, take a look at a few virtual tours in Lake Hartwell Country. Find your next waterfall to visit, explore some historic sites, gaze in awe at scenic overlooks, and take a virtual scenic drive down Highway 11. In the meantime, these sites will be anxiously awaiting your return in the future. We'll see y'all soon!

Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway 11

Highway 11 is one of our favorite scenic drives in the area, and now is the perfect time to plan your future trip!

Click here to take the tour

Click here to see more scenic drives in the area!

Scenic Overlooks in the South Carolina Mountains

Mountains = amazing views, and we can't get enough of them. Explore some beautiful overlooks in Lake Hartwell Country by clicking the link below! When you come to see them in person, you won't believe your eyes!

Click here to take the tour

Waterfall Tour

There are (literally) hundreds of waterfalls to explore in South Carolina, and you can visit a few of them from home! Check out our virtual tour of 6 popular waterfalls in our area. You can dream about them now and experience how awesome they truly are at a later date!

Click here to take the tour

Click here to explore more waterfalls in the region.

Historic Sites Tour

History lives and breathes in Lake Hartwell Country. Take a tour through some of our most visited historic sites, and plan to come see them for yourself.

Click here to take the tour

Click here to see more historic sites in the region.

We can't wait to see y'all in Lake Hartwell Country! Start planning your future trip by taking a look around our website or keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also stop by our visitor center in Pendleton!

120 History Lane

Pendleton, SC 29670

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