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Set Up Camp in Lake Hartwell Country

June is National Camping Month, and whether you prefer tents, RVs, or cabins, there is a destination for every kind of camper in Lake Hartwell Country. We’re home to an amazing range of landscapes, including mountains and lakes, that will provide the perfect backdrop to your camping trip.

A lake view surrounded by trees at Oconee State Park
What beautiful sights will you see on your next camping trip?

Campgrounds and RV Parks


When people hear the word “camping,” many immediately think of tents and hammocks and bonfires, nestled deep in an old-growth forest amongst the wild animals and lush plants. While that can certainly be the preference for some campers, there’s no need to rough it if you don’t want to! There are tons of campgrounds and designated RV parks across Lake Hartwell Country, each with their own attractions and amenities.


If you’re seeking a lake view, you’ve got options: the Hartwell dam and lake area contains 8 campgrounds and 11 day-use facilities, all operated and maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Set up your camper at Oconee Point in Seneca, where there are 70 public use campsites with full water and electric hookups. There are even boat launching facilities if you’ve brought a boat along, too. Coneross Campground in Townville is a compelling choice for nature-lovers, with over 100 campsites and a more heavily wooded park area for hikers to explore.


For RV devotees, there are plenty of RV-specific parks as well – which are great to remember if you return to the area with your RV for a Clemson football game later in the fall! Clemson RV Park at the Grove is a convenient spot for those game day tailgates: not only is it within 15 minutes of Clemson University’s campus, but there are also tailgate parties right there in the park. The property also backs up to Fant’s Grove trail system in Clemson’s Experimental Forest, which is full of paths for hiking, biking, and even horseback riding. Further to the northeast, Solitude Pointe combines an RV park with scenic cabins in the Blue Ridge Mountains’ foothills, so you have all the comforts of home no matter where you opt to lay your head for the night. This family-owned Upstate resort is perfect for fun family vacations or couples seeking a quiet, romantic retreat.

Coneross Campground in Townville, SC. A picnic table sits on a dirt path in front of a large lake.
Coneross Campground is perfectly situated on Lake Hartwell's shore!

State and County Parks


For a wilder adventure, visit one of our state or county parks and set up camp. These designated natural areas contain miles of trails and intriguing landmarks, as well as their own campsites. Oconee State Park allows both tent and RV camping and has its own primitive group camping area for up to 50 people. It also offers cabin rentals for cozier lodgings, both overlooking the lake and tucked away further into the park. Some cabins even allow pets, so the whole crew can come along on your trip.


Devils Fork State Park offers an exciting challenge for campers: a campground that can only be accessed by boat! While of course they also offer standard RV and tent campsites, as well as lakeside cabins, the boat-in campground provides travelers a unique experience and a rewarding destination in the middle of Lake Jocassee. 25 boat-in campsites are available seasonally and allow you to take a scenic short hike from your boat to your site. If you’d rather stay on dry land, pull in at one of their 59 paved campsites, some of which can accommodate large RVs up to 40 feet long.

A rustic, two-story cabin with a porch and large window in a wooded area.
Maybe a cabin at Devils Fork State Park is your preferred camping destination.

Be Prepared!


Regardless of if you’re a first-time camper or an old hand, you need to be prepared for your trip into the wild. When it comes time to stock up on equipment, stop by a local outdoors store to meet with experts who really know Lake Hartwell Country. Grady’s Great Outdoors is a well-known shop that has been open in Anderson since 1961, and they have a huge inventory of camping accessories and tools. They also have plenty of items you can bring along on your trip or stow on your camper to make your expedition easier and more fun, like kayaks, outdoor games, and fishing supplies.


If your RV runs into any problems or you just want a tune-up, schedule a service appointment with Lakeside RV Sales. They can help get your camper back in good shape so you can hit the road again with peace of mind. Strickland Marine & RV in Seneca also offers RV services, with 7 service bays and factory-trained technicians. Plus, if you’re looking for practical décor to spruce up the inside, you can visit their parts and accessories shop on-site and even special-order items you don’t see.  

Two brightly colored hammocks hang from trees at a campground next to a river.
Make sure your RV and all your camping gear are in tip-top shape before you embark on your trip.

National Camping Month is a wonderful opportunity to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Here in Lake Hartwell Country, we have stunning scenery, convenient campsites, and plenty of experts ready to help you pitch your tent or hook up your RV. Just remember: leave no trace and help us keep LHC pristine for future campers!

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